Kosovo. Orthodox Heritage and Contemporary Catastrophe

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This book was called to life by the events of 17-19 March 2004 when, in the course of three days, 35 Christian churches were fully destroyed or disfigured in the Serbian territory of Kosovo and Metohija. In 1999 in this region, according to the maximally complete and clarified list as it exists today, a total of 143 churches and monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church were subjected to destruction. We are speaking of the worst cultural catastrophe in Europe since World War II — a catastrophe that happened in the "peaceful" period while the area was under UN administration and the protection of NATO battalions.

Выходные данные:Indrik Publishers, 2007. — 348 p., ill.

Редакторы, составители:Edited by Alexei Lidov


Тираж:1000 copies

Количество страниц:348 pages


Формат:70х100/8 (245х340 мм)


Alexei Lidov

Preface /7



Slobodan Curcic


Brief Geographic and Historical Introduction /18

Major Foundations /24

The Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate at Pec /24

The Church of Bogorodica Ljeviska in Prizren /64

The Church of Dormition at Gracanica /81

The Church of Pantokrator at Decani Monastery /100

Lesser Foundations /140

Conclusion /158



Compilers: Alexei Lidov, Anna Adashinskaya


Ruined Monuments /162

Documents /188

Eyewitness Evidence /216



Compilers: Anna Adashinskaya, Elena Lukovnikova


Catalogue of Christian Monuments /240



Библиография /354

Тематический каталог: История славянских народов , Искусствоведение. Культурология
Год издания: 2007
ISBN: 5-85759-394-8
Кол-во страниц: 348
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